For Artists.

At our core, Blake Fine Art Services is dedicated to easing the strain on local artists. We build panels, deliver art, help in the studio, install shows, wrap your art for storage or shipping, and more. We know how difficult it is to create your art, manage your business, and fabricate your supplies. Use Blake Fine Art Services as your own personal assistant so you can focus on what really matters. Because stretching canvases, installing art shows, and delivering your art to clients and galleries keeps you from creating your artwork.

We offer studio cleaning & organization. Schedule regular cleaning & organizing appointments: bi-weekly/monthly. Blake Fine Art Services will come to your studio either while you are there or while you are away, to clean and organize your studio.

Make an appointment for me to come and talk about your studio possibilities

Studio Services: $45 / Hour (some materials extra $$)

You do the art, we do the work.

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